How Do You Clean a Green Pool?

To clean a green pool, skim it, test and correct the water's pH, shock the pool, add algaecide, run the filter until the water clears, and vacuum the pool floor. This project requires a skimmer, a water testing kit, pH adjusting chemicals, chlorine, algaecide and a pool vacuum.

  1. Skim the pool

    Skim the pool to remove leaves and other large surface debris.

  2. Test and correct the water pH

    Test the water according to the instructions on the testing kit, and adjust the pH until it is within the range recommended by the pool manufacturer. Do not proceed until the pH is correct, because improper pH hampers pool cleaning and algae removal.

  3. Shock the pool, and add algaecide

    Pour 3 or 4 gallons of liquid chlorine into the pool, and let it work overnight. The following morning, add a powerful algaecide and another 3 or 4 gallons of chlorine. Add chlorine daily until the water lightens, turns white or becomes clear. In severe cases, this takes up to five days.

  4. Run the filter

    Set the pool filter to run continuously. Backwash it several times per day until the pool is clear, then return the filter to its normal setting.

  5. Vacuum the pool

    Vacuum the bottom of the pool.