How Do You Clean a GPA Riding Helmet Using a Dishwasher?

How Do You Clean a GPA Riding Helmet Using a Dishwasher?

The manufacturer of GPA riding helmets suggests gently cleaning the helmet with a damp sponge or soft brush. The internal lining should be replaced occasionally. Air-drying the helmet thoroughly and applying a deodorizer product can remove most smells, says Dovery Saddlery. The lining of some helmets can be hand-washed with gentle soaps. The manufacturers of riding helmets strongly suggest not putting a riding helmet in the dishwasher. The heat of the water in a standard dishwasher damages the foam used to make riding helmets, and it can no longer provide protection in case of an impact. Also, dishwasher detergent and heat can damage both adhesives and foam.

  1. Put helmet in dishwasher

    Put the dirt helmet on the top rack of the dishwasher if it will fit there. If not, put it on the bottom rack or remove a rack if necessary. Make sure the rest of the dishwasher is empty.

  2. Add detergent

    Put the usual automatic dishwasher detergent into the machine as recommended by the manufacturer.

  3. Run the dishwasher

    Run the dishwasher on the gentlest cycle available.

  4. Dry the helmet

    Put the helmet out in the sun or in front of a fan until it is thoroughly dry.