How Do You Clean Glass Without Streaking?


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To clean glass without streaking, make a homemade cleaning solution, scrub the window, and wipe the glass using a squeegee. Wipe the squeegee blade on a microfiber cloth for best results. Avoid using too much detergent or cleaning solution, as this causes glass to streak.

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  1. Make a homemade cleaning solution

    Pour warm water in a large bucket, and add 2 teaspoons of dish detergent and 4 table spoons of fresh lemon juice. The fresh lemon juice is good for deodorizing and removing dirt. For intense window cleaning, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar or ammonia.

  2. Wash the window

    Use a high-quality scrubber to wash the window with the solution, getting rid of any dirt and stains. Ensure that you thoroughly clean the entire surface of the glass.

  3. Wipe the window

    Use a squeegee to wipe down the window. Begin with horizontal motions, and then wipe top to bottom. Wipe the squeegee blade on a microfiber cloth after each swipe for the best results. Fold your microfiber cloth four times, so you have clean surfaces to work with.

  4. Inspect the results

    Check the window from a 45-degree angle to make it easier to see streaks. Use your scrubber to spot-clean any stains, and immediately wipe with a squeegee.

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