How Do You Clean a Glass Stovetop?

How Do You Clean a Glass Stovetop?

To clean burned-on residue from a glass stovetop, give the surface time to cool, apply a few drops of the manufacturer's recommended cleaner, use a razor scraper and wipe with a scrubber sponge to remove any remaining residue. Use glass stovetop polish to protect the surface.

  1. Allow time for the glass to cool

    Most glass-top stoves have an indicator light to let the user know when they are cool. Do not apply products to the stovetop until the light goes out, or you risk burning the cleaner into the glass.

  2. Apply the cleaner

    Apply a few drops of the cleaner over the burned-on marks, wetting the entire surface.

  3. Use a razor scraper

    Hold a razor scraper at a 45-degree angle with the ceramic cooking surface, and scrape away the soil. Use enough pressure to move the blade under the residue and lift it from the glass. Add more of the cleaner as necessary to keep the stain wet as you work.

  4. Clean residue with a scrubber sponge

    Use a plastic-backed scrubber sponge and a few more drops of the cleaner to remove any bits of residue that might still be adhering to the stovetop.

  5. Polish the stovetop

    Consult the owner's manual to determine an appropriate glass-stovetop polish for use with your stove. Apply it with a paper towel, and polish to enhance the shine and protect the surface.