How Do You Clean Gas Stove Grates?

Remove caked-on grease and other debris from gas stone grates quickly and efficiently using grease-fighting dish soap, non-abrasive cleanser, a nylon scrubbing pad and plenty of hot water. Cleaning can be undertaken without damaging the enamel covering on the grates.

  1. Prepare the grates for cleaning

    Place cooled gas oven grates into an empty sink without them touching one another. Boil some water using a pot or kettle, and then pour the boiling water over the grates to cut through the surface layer of grease and wash some of it away.

  2. Soak the grates

    Fill the sink with hot water, and add enough grease-cutting soap to create suds. Allow the grates to soak for about 15 minutes to allow the soap to cut through the remaining grease. Drain the water from the sink.

  3. Clean the grates

    Place a non-abrasive cleanser onto a nylon scrubbing pad. Scrub at the grates with the powder to remove any remaining grease or food particles. Rinse the grates with warm water, and apply the powder to any section where debris remains. Allow the powder to sit for five minutes, scrub it off, and rinse the grates again. Dry the grates off completely with a dry paper towel before placing them back on the stove.