How Do You Clean a Gas Oven?

How Do You Clean a Gas Oven?

To clean a gas oven, create a gas-safe household cleaner, apply it to stains, and allow it to soak. Remove and clean the oven bottom, and clean and adjust the burner flame. You need baking soda, dishwasher detergent, ammonia, hot water and a nylon scrub brush.

  1. Mix the cleaner

    Mix 2 teaspoons baking soda, 2 tablespoons dishwasher detergent, 1 1/4 cups household ammonia, and 1 1/2 cups hot water. Apply the mixture to spills in the oven, and allow it to soak for 30 minutes or overnight.

  2. Scrub the stains

    Once the cleaner has soaked, use a nylon scrubber to scrub away stains. Lift out the bottom of the oven after removing the retaining screws, and take it to the sink to rinse. Rinse the oven walls.

  3. Check the burner

    Turn on the burner, and observe the flames. They should be even along the length of the burner, but If they are not, turn off the oven and use a stiff wire to clean the holes in the side of the burner. Turn the oven back on, and make sure the flames are even with about a 2 inch light blue cone. If the burner has yellow in the flame, adjust the oven's oxygen level. Turn off the oven and replace the bottom plate.