How Do You Clean a Gas Fireplace Valve?


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Specific instructions to clean a gas fireplace valve may be included in the owner's manual, but many tasks must be performed by a professional service technician. A dirty or blocked valve can cause pilot light and burner issues on a gas fireplace, which can be determined by a professional.

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Some troubleshooting tips to perform before calling a technician are:

  1. Check for power
  2. Many gas fireplaces use both gas and electricity to operate, so check the main electrical panel to ensure the fuse for the fireplace is still in the "on" position. Also check to make sure the gas line is still on. If the home has other gas appliances, make sure they are operating as well.

  3. Check the pilot light
  4. Perform a visual inspection for flames. If the pilot light is out, follow the instructions in the owner's manual to relight it. If the pilot light goes out again after relighting it, check the vent cap to ensure it is secured properly. A heavy draft can blow out the pilot light.

  5. Inspect the wiring
  6. Check for loose or damaged wires. Loose wires may be able to be reattached, but burnt or damaged wires require a professional technician to inspect the entire unit, as the wires should not be damaged under ordinary operation.

  7. Clean the interior
  8. Clean the gas fireplace interior as well as the flue, according to the owner's manual.

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