How Do You Clean Furniture?


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To clean furnishings, vacuum under cushions weekly, and deep clean upholstery annually. Remove spills by blotting with a clean towel, and finish cleaning by polishing any wood on the furnishing. Cleaning can typically be completed in under an hour.

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  1. Vacuum under cushions

    Vacuum under the cushions weekly, and rotate the cushions by flipping them over regularly. Do not vacuum fabrics with a delicate weave, such as damask, to avoid loosening the fibers on the fabric.

  2. Clean the upholstery

    Refer to the care tags on the upholstery to determine the recommended cleaning method. If care tags are not present, consult the manufacturer or a professional upholstery-cleaning service to determine the appropriate cleaning method. Deep clean the upholstery annually, and spot clean as needed. After deep cleaning furnishings, apply a soil retardant to prevent stains. When spot-cleaning upholstery, use distilled water and do not saturate the fabric. To clean spills, blot the soiled area with a clean cloth immediately to remove excess moisture, and follow with the recommended cleaning solution.

  3. Polish wooden features

    Furnishings with wooden features, such as wooden arm rests, should be cleaned with a commercial wood polish. Use the wood polish according to the instructions on the product packaging.

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