How Do You Clean a Flame Sensor Rod?


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The flame sensor rod can be cleaned by removing it and then wiping it with sandpaper. The flame sensor is an essential component of a gas furnace, which acts as a safety device. It senses the heat from the main burner and turns off the gas if the main burner fails to ignite.

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If the flame sensor rod is covered in soot, dirt or dust, it is unable to detect the heat from the main burner, which shuts off the gas and the furnace. To make sure that the flame sensor rod is clean, follow the steps below

  1. Turn off the furnace
  2. Before beginning, make sure that the furnace is turned off. Turn off the main switch of the furnace or cut off the power to the furnace by locating the power switch in the breaker box.

  3. Locate the flame sensor rod
  4. After the furnace has cooled down, locate the flame sensor rod, which is a metal rod attached to a wire. It is usually installed in a white bracket and is found near the burner.

  5. Remove the flame sensor rod
  6. Remove the flame sensor rod from its bracket by unscrewing the screws on the bracket.

  7. Clean the flame sensor rod
  8. Clean the flame sensor rod by gently wiping it with sandpaper or a fine emery cloth. The sensor can also be cleaned using steel wool.

  9. Reinstall the sensor
  10. Place the sensor back in its place by replacing the screws and turn the furnace back on.

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