How Do You Clean a Fireplace?


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To clean a fireplace, scrub the metal inserts, scoop out the ashes and scrape soot from the interior walls. Complete the task when the fireplace has not been used for several days to be sure the materials are cool enough to handle.

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  1. Prepare to clean

    Wear a face mask and rubber gloves to avoid exposure to the ash and dust. Place newspapers or a plastic tarp on the area in front of the fireplace to protect the floor while you clean.

  2. Remove and clean metal parts

    Take the andirons and grate outside, and scrape off the soot with a stiff brush. Rinse the pieces with water, and dry them with an old towel. Apply a coating of metal polish.

  3. Shovel out the ashes

    Use a small shovel to scoop out the ashes. Dump the ashes into a sturdy garbage bag and discard.

  4. Scrub the interior walls

    Line the bottom of the fireplace with newspapers. Use a stiff brush to scrape down the interior walls. Start at the top of the walls, and let the soot fall on the newspaper. Discard the papers when you are finished.

  5. Finish cleaning

    Use a small broom and dust pan to clean out the remaining dust and soot. Replace the metal pieces.

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