How Do You Clean With Febreze?

How Do You Clean With Febreze?

Febreze is a fabric refresher for upholstery, linens and carpets. To use Febreze, just spray it on fabrics and allow it to dry.

  1. Clean the fabrics

    Febreze doesn't clean, it refreshes. Vacuum and spot clean furniture and carpets. Wash linens as directed on the instruction label.

  2. Test Febreze

    Spray Febreze on an inconspicuous spot before you spray the entire piece of upholstery or fabric. This tests for the color-fastness of the fabric. Look at the sprayed spot when it is dry. If the spot of fabric looks the same as the surrounding fabric, it is safe to use Febreze on the remainder of the fabric.

  3. Spray Febreze

    Use Febreze on the whole piece of furniture, all of the curtains and the carpet when you determine it is safe to do so. Spray the product liberally over your fabric and allow it to dry.

  4. Smell the fabric

    Smell the fabric when the Febreze is dry. Spray the fabric again if any odors linger. Allow to dry. Repeat if necessary.

  5. Use weekly

    Use Febreze weekly to reduce the odors in your home. Febreze can cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning your home by keeping it smelling fresh longer.