How Do You Clean Faux Wood Blinds?


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Clean faux wood blinds by dusting them regularly to keep them free of grime build-up. Select Blinds suggests doing a thorough cleaning using a mild detergent and water every four months, or at very least twice a year, to keep them looking their best. Because faux wood blinds are exceedingly durable, they resist warping when wet, and wiping them down with a damp cloth poses no problem.

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Blot the blinds dry after cleaning using a dry rag. For regular dusting, use a dryer sheet to help attract and remove dust easily. As an alternative to detergent, use vinegar to clean faux wood blinds. Select Blinds recommends soaking a rag in a bowl of white vinegar until it is saturated.

Use the rag to go one-by-one on the slats of the blinds, cleaning the dirt off of the top and bottom of each slat. While faux wood blinds do not warp like real wood ones do, it is still important not to oversaturate the blinds while cleaning them to prevent damage.

Because materials vary widely, Select Blinds suggests checking the manufacturer's cleaning instructions to see if there are any cleaning tips that are specific to the particular type of faux wood blinds.

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