How Do You Clean an Enamel Stove Top?

To clean an enamel stove top, wipe it with a sponge, wash it with dish soap, soften hardened food deposits with vinegar, and scrape them off the enamel. This overnight process requires water, a sink, sponges, dish soap, vinegar, a towel, plastic wrap and a plastic scraper.

  1. Wipe the enamel

    Dunk a sponge in water, squeeze it out, and wipe the stove top. This removes fresh spills and dust.

  2. Wash the stove top with dish soap

    Remove the drip pans and heating elements. Soak them in a sink filled with water and dish soap. Squirt a wet sponge with dish soap, and wash the stove top. Rinse it with water.

  3. Soften hardened food deposits with vinegar

    Soak a towel in vinegar, and drape it over hardened food deposits. Cover the towel with a sheet of plastic wrap. Press the edges of the plastic wrap into the surrounding enamel. This prevents moisture from escaping and increases the softening effect of the vinegar. Leave the food deposits covered overnight.

  4. Remove the softened food

    In the morning, remove the plastic wrap and the towel. Use a plastic scraper to peel away the softened food.

  5. Replace the pans and coils

    Drain the sink, rinse the drip pans and heating coils, and reinstall them.