How Do You Clean an Electric Stove Top?


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To clean an electric stovetop, remove the coil elements by disconnecting and lifting them away from the stovetop. After washing the coils, take care of any remaining stubborn stains with a baking soda paste, then rinse well and dry. Next, remove and clean the drip pans with liquid dishwashing detergent and water before drying and replacing.

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  1. Remove electric coils from the stovetop

    Disconnect the coils, and lift them away from the stovetop. The process of disconnecting coils differs based upon the stove manufacturer.

  2. Wash coil elements

    Pour 1 tablespoon of liquid dishwashing detergent in a bowl with warm water. Dip a clean cloth in the solution, and scrub each coil. Do not completely submerge the coils in water, as this may damage electrical components.

  3. Create a cleaning paste

    Mix 1/2 cup baking soda with several tablespoons of water. Stir together until a spreadable paste is created.

  4. Apply the paste

    Apply an even layer of baking soda paste along the surface of the burners. Allow the paste to soak into the coils for 20 minutes.

  5. Scrub the coils

    After the paste is dry, dip a toothbrush into a bowl of warm water, and scrub the coils in a circular motion.

  6. Rinse the coils

    Dip a clean cloth into a bowl of warm water, and rinse away the baking soda paste. Repeat until all paste is removed.

  7. Dry the coils

    Thoroughly dry each coil with a clean towel.

  8. Wash the drip pans

    Wash the drip pans with a solution of liquid dishwashing detergent and water. Scrub the pans with a sponge to remove dried food and debris.

  9. Replace the drip pans and coils

    Place the dry drip pans and coils back into position on the stovetop.

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