How Do You Clean an Electric Blanket?

Washing an electric blanket is a simple process that can be completed as quickly as your washing machine can run through a regular cycle. In order to wash your electric blanket, you need a washing machine, some detergent and a dryer.

  1. Remove cords and controls

    Examine your electric blanket and remove all of the cords and controls inside of it prior to washing. If you leave them inside the blanket, the washing process may damage them.

  2. Run the blanket through a warm wash cycle

    Place your electric blanket inside your washing machine, and add detergent. When choosing your machine settings, set the temperature to a warm or cool setting, depending on the blanket's fabric. If possible, choose a gentle cycle. Activate the washing machine, and wait for it to complete the cycle.

  3. Dry the blanket

    Place your blanket in your dryer, and choose the cool settings. Allow the cycle to run partway through, but turn it off before it finishes. The electric blanket should still be slightly damp. Remove your blanket and hang it up to finish drying. If the blanket is allowed to run through a full drying cycle in the machine, it may result in shrinkage or damage to the fabric.