How Do You Clean a Dryer Duct?


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To clean a dryer duct, unplug the dryer's electric cord. If it is a gas dryer, do not attempt to disconnect the gas line. Next, pull an electric dryer out away from the wall, or pull a gas dryer as far as the gas line allows. Unfasten the metal tubing from the dryer and the wall, and use a vent brush by rotating it to remove accumulated lint.

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When cleaning the dryer duct, it is good practice to clean the filter and the trap as well. To begin, remove any lint from the lint screen; odor-ridden screens may need soaking in hot, soapy water for 10 to 15 minutes. Use a coil brush to clean the lint trap and use a vacuum to pick up any dirt or lint that the brush has loosened.

In addition to the filter and dryer duct, it is also necessary to clean the house-vent opening. Use a vent brush to remove any blockages from both directions, from the inside, as well as from outside of the house. Most dryer ducts should be cleaned at least twice a year. The dryer duct may need cleaning when the top surface of the dryer gets hot when it is in use, or if it takes longer to dry cloth than usual.

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