How Do You Clean a Dry Erase Board?


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To clean a dry erase board, wipe the surface with water, glass cleaner or acetone-free nail polish remover on a soft cloth or paper towel. The ideal cleaning method depends on the type of soil or stain that has marred the surface of the board.

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Avoid scouring pads or other harsh cleaning implements, as they can scratch the surface of a dry erase board, voiding its warranty and permanently damaging it. Instead, use soft tools and materials to gently clean it.

Step 1: Wipe down the surface

Clean the dry erase board with a water-dampened microfiber cloth. Spray a light coating of glass cleaner for serious stains, dust or dirt. Wipe the surface with a clean, dry towel afterward to assess its condition.

Step 2: Trace the stain with a dry erase marker

If the stain is from a liquid, permanent marker or magic marker, trace it with a dry erase marker, then repeat the previous step with liquid nail polish remover that does not contain acetone. Wipe the surface again with a clean towel to determine whether the stain will come off.

Step 3: Contact the manufacturer

White boards are manufactured differently from one brand to the next. The materials used to seal the surface might impact the cleaning regimen, so contact the manufacturer to ask about recommended cleaning products.

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