How Do I Clean Dried Egg Off Vinyl Siding?

Homeowners should be able to clean off most dried egg with just water. Begin by trying the least abrasive methods, moving to chemical solutions only when soap and water fail. Don't use an acidic cleaner on egg.

  1. Spray warm water from a hose

    Use a medium-pressure hose to spray water on the egg. Spray from above, pointing at a downward angle. Wipe up egg drippings with a soft sponge or cloth. Don't use hot water, as doing so can cook the egg and cause it to stick even harder to the surface.

  2. Mix a cleaning solution from detergent and trisodium phosphate

    Add 1/3 cup of a detergent and 2/3 cup of a trisodium phosphate cleaner to a gallon of water. Spray the solution on the egg stain, wiping it down with a non-abrasive material. Hose the remaining egg off with warm water at medium pressure. Repeat as necessary.

  3. Remove mildew with sodium hypochlorite solution

    To address any mildew left by the wet egg, add 1 quart of bleach with a 5 percent solution to the previously mixed solution of detergent and trisodium phosphate. Apply the new mixture to the mildew, rubbing very gently to avoid any damage to the vinyl.