How Do You Clean a Drain Pipe on a Frigidaire Washing Machine?

The best way to clean a drain pipe on a Frigidaire washing machine is to remove the front panel of the washer to find the drain hose connected with a clamp to the pump. Remove the clamp, drain the water from the hose and then clean the filter. Have a container to catch the water from the hose.

Routine cleaning of the drain will prevent many common problems, such as damp cloths after the final spin, excessive noise and prolonged washing cycles. To fully clean and drain the washing machine, follow the instructions below.

  1. Step 1: Drain the water
  2. Shut off the electricity from the washing machine. Unscrew the front panel of the washer and bail or drain the water from the tub, pointing the drain hose into the container to catch the water.

  3. Step 2: Check for clogs
  4. The pump is see-through, so any clog should be visible. Remove the clog. If no clog is present, replace the drain pipe and front panel.