How Do You Clean a Down Comforter?


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Clean a down comforter using a commercial washer at a laundromat by repairing any rips or tears, pretreating any spots, using a mild detergent and washing in warm water on the gentle cycle. Dry the comforter on medium heat with two tennis balls to keep the down fluffed.

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  1. Repair any rips or tears

    Washing puts additional stress on the cover of the comforter. Inspect it for tears, rips or weak spots before washing.

  2. Pretreat any spots

    Check the comforter for any spots. Pay particular attention to the top where the oils from your hands and face tend to accumulate.

  3. Choose the correct machine

    Large comforters are often too large for home washing machines. Choose a commercial sized washer at a coin-operated laundromat and set the machine to a gentle, warm cycle. Place the comforter in the machine, add mild detergent to the dispenser, and start the machine.

  4. Dry the comforter

    Place the comforter in a dryer with two tennis balls in a mesh bag. Set the dryer temperature to medium, and dry the comforter. Drying at a medium temperature prevents scorching the down but extends the drying time considerably. Consider line drying the comforter after it tumbles for a while to remove any lumps. Wait at least a month after cleaning before storing the comforter to ensure the down is completely dry and does not mildew.

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