How Do You Clean Double-Hung Windows?


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Most contemporary double-hung window designs include levers within the main window lock that allow portions of the window to be tilted out of the frame. An individual can then clean the window without having to go outside.

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The two sections of the window, known as the sashes, should be moved into the proper position. The person cleaning the window should first close it. Pressing the tilt lever, which is located in the body of the window's main locking mechanism, allows the two sashes to be tilted out of the window frame until they are horizontal. A high-backed chair can be used to prop up the sashes while the individual cleans the glass. The upper sash should be cleaned first. Once the upper sash is clean, it's tilted back into position, and the tilt lever is engaged. This process is repeated with the lower sash.

An effective, homemade cleaning solution recipe calls for mixing two teaspoons of dish washing detergent in a large bucket of water. Four tablespoons of lemon juice can also be used if the window is particular dirty. For heavy grease, dirt or grime, a 1/2 cup of ammonia or white vinegar may be added to the solution.

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