How Do I Clean Dirty Skin?


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To clean dirty skin, wash your face twice daily, avoid irritating your skin and use products formulated for your skin type. This leaves your dirty skin looking clean and clear.

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  1. Understand your skin type

    Everyone's skin has different needs. Assess your skin and determine whether it is dry, combination or oily. Dry skin needs extra moisture, combination skin needs special attention paid to the T-zone and oily skin needs attention on all areas of the face.

  2. Use the right cleanser

    If you have dry skin, use a mild cleanser formulated for sensitive skin. Follow the cleanser with a light moisturizer that contains ingredients like glycerin or dimethicone. If you have oily skin, use a cleanser that contains salicylic acid to help normalize the production of oil and clear up acne.

  3. Do not overwash the skin

    Avoid the impulse to scrub at your skin when it is dirty. Cleansing the skin strips away both impurities and natural oils. When the surface of your skin runs low on natural oils, it can lead to dryness and acne. Make sure to wash twice a day, however. Forgetting to wash can lead to a buildup of dirt and oiliness, which can also cause blemishes.

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