How Do I Clean a Dirty Dishwasher?


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Clean the inside of your dishwasher to ensure your dishes get clean during a washing cycle. Clean the outside to make it look more presentable. Routine cleaning of this warm, moist environment protects the family from germs.

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  1. Clean the exterior

    Use a small brush to clean around buttons and small cracks. Use a sponge and nonabrasive cleaner to remove any dirt stuck to the door. Rinse using a clean sponge and water.

  2. Clean the interior

    Wipe down the door. Pay particular attention to the lower interior of the door where grease sometimes accumulates. Clean the detergent dispensers. Remove the bottom rack. Check the filter for any food debris that have collected and remove them. Clean the gasket where the door seals.

  3. Use vinegar

    Fill a dishwasher-safe coffee mug with vinegar. Sit the mug upright on the top shelf. Don't load any other dishes into the machine. Run the machine using the hottest cycle available, but don't run the heated dry option when cleaning the machine.

  4. Remove rust stains

    If your water supply is high in iron, your dishwasher sometimes develops rust stains. Purchase a commercially available iron-removal product to eliminate these stains. Look for it in the laundry aisle of grocery stores or in a hardware store. Run the dishwasher empty, with this product in the detergent cups.

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