How Do You Clean Dhurrie Rugs?

How Do You Clean Dhurrie Rugs?

To clean a dhurrie rag, vacuum the rug, brush to remove dirt, blot stains with moist paper towels, spray the rug with a cleaning solution, and blot and dry the rug. Rotating the rug once each year to ensure even wear.

  1. Vacuum the rug

    Vacuum the rug to remove dust and crumbs and maintain the aesthetics of the rug. Avoid the fringes as these can get caught in the vacuum. Instead, brush the fringes by hand.

  2. Blot the stains

    Blot wet stains with a clean paper towel, being careful not to spread them. Blot dry stains with a clean, moist paper towel. Continue this process until you have removed as many stains as possible.

  3. Spray a cleaning solution and blot

    Combine cold water and mild liquid soap in a clean spray bottle and shake. Spray the solution on an inconspicuous place on the rug, and check for discoloration. Spray the remaining stains, and blot with a clean rag dampened with cold water. Lift the rug, and check for dried stains.

  4. Dry the rug

    Dry the rug using a hair dryer set on warm or cold, never hot. Opening all the windows or placing the rug next to a fan also works well. Allow the rug to dry completely before replacing it in its original position.