How Do You Clean a Deep-Fat Fryer?


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To clean a deep-fat fryer, unplug the appliance, allow it to cool, wipe down all parts with paper towels, scour the basket and fryer with degreasing detergent and hot water and repeat the process until no oily residue remains. Never attempt to clean a deep-fat fryer that has recently been used or that still contains hot oil.

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How Do You Clean a Deep-Fat Fryer?
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Wait approximately 2 hours after use to clean a deep-fat fryer.

  1. Wipe down the fryer
  2. Soak up as much oil as possible with paper towels or other absorbent materials. This reduces the amount of cleaning and scrubbing required to completely clean the deep-fat fryer.

  3. Wash the fryer
  4. Wash both the fryer and its basket with hot water and degreasing soap. Most commercial dish soaps are appropriate for the task. Instead of immersing the fryer in soapy water, fill a separate container with soapy water and apply it to the fryer and its components with a sponge or cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaning materials because they can scratch the surface of the fryer.

  5. Repeat the process
  6. Depending on the amount of oil remaining in the fryer, cleaning it might require two or three applications of hot, soapy water. When it is clean, dry it with towels or leave it sitting on the counter to dry before putting it away.

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