How Do You Clean a Deck?

How Do You Clean a Deck?

To clean a deck, repair any structural and cosmetic damage, sweep debris off the deck, then dilute bleach in a bucket to wash the boards. Use a stiff brush to wash mildewed areas, then seal the deck to protect it.

  1. Fix structural and cosmetic damage

    Inspect the deck to check for cracks and rotted areas. Replace rotting or bent boards, and remove rusty nails.

  2. Sweep the deck

    Use a long-handled broom to sweep leaves and dirt off the deck boards. Insert a putty knife in the cracks between the boards to remove rotted leaves and debris.

  3. Use a sprayer or pressure washer

    Dilute bleach in an equal amount of water, then use a sprayer or pressure washer to clean hard-to-remove dirt from the deck boards. Start in an inner corner, then spray parallel to the boards and continue to move out toward the opposite corner. Rinse the boards immediately. If there are mildew stains, use a stiff brush dipped in diluted bleach to scrub the stains until they are completely gone. Use a circular motion, and rinse the spots off right away.

  4. Seal the deck

    To protect your deck and decrease the frequency of cleanings, apply a waterproof sealer with a foam roller.