How Do You Clean a Couch?

How Do You Clean a Couch?

To clean a couch, mix the chemicals, brush away dirt with a bristled brush and clean the fabric with a steam cleaner. Use an upholstery vacuum to remove dirt before cleaning the sofa.

  1. Purchase the cleaner

    Look on the tag of the couch to see what type of chemicals and amount of heat can be applied to the fabric.

  2. Remove the dirt

    Use a bristled brush to remove any surface dirt, and use an upholstery vacuum to remove lingering grime. Remove the cushioning, and vacuum up any debris. Remove anything under the couch as well.

  3. Mix the solution

    Mix 3 ounces of detergent with water in the steam vacuum tank. Test the solution by rubbing it on a small portion of the couch with a cloth. If there is no stain after 10 minutes, clean the fabric.

  4. Clean the couch

    Attach the nozzle brush of the steam vacuum, and brush it against the couch while holding the trigger. Run the hose back over the wet spot to remove the dampness. Apply the same procedure over the entire sofa.