How Do You Clean Cork Floors?


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Cleaning a cork floor requires mopping with a neutral cleaning solution, a mix of one part water to four parts vinegar, and drying the floor with a microfiber cloth. It's important to avoid some chemical-based cleaners because they can damage cork floors.

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After sweeping the floor, dilute either a commercial cork-floor cleaning product according to the manufacturer's instructions, or mix one part water to four parts white vinegar. Avoid using commercial chemical cleaners that are acidic or basic.

Saturate a sponge or mop thoroughly in the solution, and wring it out completely. Too much moisture can damage the floor. Mop the floor, wringing out the dirty water as needed. Using a soft, microfiber cloth, gently dry the floor. Avoid walking on the floor until it is completely dry.

To keep the floor looking its best, lightly mop the floor with white vinegar and water on a weekly basis, being sure to dry the surface with a soft cloth that does not scratch. Use a solution made of one-fourth cup of white vinegar to every gallon of water. Rub the floor down with Murphy Oil Soap bi-annually. Every 5 to 7 years, the floor should be refurbished with a polyurethane satin finish when it starts to look dull.

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