How Do You Clean Corian Countertops?


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To clean Corian countertops, use soapy water, an ammonia based cleaner or a countertop cleaner. Wipe countertops dry after spills to prevent buildup and use Deep Cleaner for Dupont Corian for built-up residue that is difficult to remove.

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Use the proper cleaner for the type of residue that builds up on countertops. Clean most dirt and residue with soapy water and an ammonia based cleaner. Rinse the cleaners off and wipe countertops until they are completely dry. Use commercial countertop cleaners as an alternative to the soapy water and ammonia based cleaners.

A hard watermark appears when a countertop is not fully dried after it is cleaned. To remove hard water marks, use a special countertop cleaner such as Lime-A-Way, which is formulated to remove hard water marks. If the residue is difficult to remove, use Deep Cleaner for Dupont Corian. Follow the instructions on the bottle, then clean with soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Disinfect countertops occasionally by wiping surfaces with a mix of one part water to one part bleach, then rinse and dry thoroughly.

Clean darker colored Corian countertops more frequently, because they show residue and scratches faster than lighter colors. Cleaning is not always necessary when the countertops change in appearance because they acquire a sheen over time regardless of cleaning. For glossy finishes, use a countertop polish to enhance the gloss level.

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