How Do You Clean Copper Pots?


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To clean copper pots, wash them normally and polish them when tarnish develops on the surface. Use either purchased tarnish remover or a salted lemon.

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How Do You Clean Copper Pots?
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  1. Wash the pots
  2. No special care is required when washing copper pots. Scrub them gently in hot water and heavy-duty dish detergent to remove food particles.

  3. Dry the pots
  4. Dry the pots with a soft dish towel before storing them.

  5. Polish tarnished pots
  6. When the pots become tarnished, use an acidic and slightly gritty cleaner to remove the tarnish and restore the copper's shine. Purchased tarnish remover will have directions on the package. Or, rub a lemon sprinkled with salt on the copper to restore its shine, then buff the pot with a soft cloth.

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