How Do I Clean a Copper Kettle?

Clean a copper kettle by washing it with soap and water, boiling a vinegar-water mix to remove scale inside, and then applying a paste of salt, vinegar and flour to remove tarnish from the copper. Wash the kettle again, and dry it thoroughly before storing it.

  1. Wash in soap and water

    Use warm soapy water to wash the inside and outside of the kettle. Take time to remove any dust, grease or debris that accumulate on it. Rinse it in hot water, and dry it.

  2. Remove the scale

    Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water. Place the mixture in the kettle, making sure it is above the level of the scale inside the kettle. Put it on the burner over low heat, and allow the vinegar to dissolve the lime. If the scale is heavy and does not dissolve the first time, repeat until you remove all the scale.

  3. Remove tarnish from the copper

    Apply a paste made of equal parts of vinegar, salt and flour to the outside of the kettle. Use a dry towel to polish the copper. Do not use abrasive powders or cleaners on copper. Once you remove all the tarnish, wash and dry the kettle to remove the acid. Store the kettle in a dry location that protects it from dust.