How Do You Clean the Cooling Coils on a Dehumidifier?


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Cooling coils on a dehumidifier can be cleaned by using a narrow brush with soft bristles to remove dirt and surface dust from their exterior. The coils should be brushed in an up and down motion to ensure the fins are not bent or damaged during cleaning.

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Once debris and dirt is removed by using a soft bristle brush, spray the coils with a light cleaner or de-greaser. The solution should sit on the coils for a few minutes before being rinsed with warm water. Dirt and obstructions can be removed and cleaned by pouring warm water into the fins of the coils. Water should not touch any of the electrical components or connections of the dehumidifier or the motor when cleaning coils. High-pressure hoses should not be used to clean the inside of the coils because the fins can be easily damaged due to the soft aluminum structure.

After the coils are wiped down and flushed with water, the fins should be straightened to allow for air flow to pass through the unit. The remaining surface of the dehumidifier can be cleaned with a warm rag and a vacuum to remove lint, dust and dirt. It may be necessary to add a few drops of oil to the motor if build up exists.

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