How Do You Clean a Concrete Patio?

How Do You Clean a Concrete Patio?

To clean a concrete patio, sweep the patio, wet it with a garden hose, scrub it gently with soapy water, rinse it again with the hose, and let it dry. The process takes about one hour and requires a broom, a garden hose, dishwashing liquid and a scrub brush.

  1. Clear and sweep your patio

    Gather the furniture and any other items on your patio, and set them aside. When the entire space is clear, use a durable broom to sweep all dirt, dust and debris off the patio floor. Dispose of all dirt and debris.

  2. Wet your patio

    Use a garden hose to wet the entire concrete patio. Attach a nozzle to your garden hose if you want a more powerful stream of water.

  3. Add soap to the wet patio floor, and scrub

    Place drops of dishwashing liquid on the concrete, and use a long-handled scrub brush to scrub the entire patio floor. Pay special attention to heavily soiled or discolored areas by scrubbing harder and faster. Add additional drops of dishwashing liquid, as needed, throughout the scrubbing process.

  4. Rinse the patio clean

    After scrubbing your entire patio, rinse it clean using the garden hose. Let the concrete patio air dry.