How Do You Clean a Coffee Pot?

clean-coffee-pot Credit: LWA/Dann Tardif/Blend Images/Getty Images

Clean your coffee pot by rinsing the carafe and removing coffee and water filters. Pour a solution of water and vinegar into the water reservoir, and run a drip cycle. After the vinegar soak, replace the reservoir with clean water, and run two drip cycles.

  1. Prepare your coffee pot

    Prepare for cleaning by rinsing the glass carafe and removing old coffee grounds and filters. If your coffeemaker features a built-in water and coffee filter, remove it from the machine.

  2. Fill the water reservoir

    Fill the coffee pot water reservoir with equal parts vinegar and water.

  3. Turn on the coffee pot

    Activate the coffee pot, and run a standard drip cycle.

  4. Rest after the cycle

    After the drip cycle completes, allow the water and vinegar solution to rest in the carafe for several minutes.

  5. Rinse the carafe and reservoir

    Thoroughly rinse the carafe and reservoir with clean water.

  6. Refill the water reservoir

    Fill the water reservoir with vinegar-free water.

  7. Run additional drip cycles

    Turn on the coffee pot, and run a water-only drip cycle. Once complete, empty the carafe, and allow the coffee pot to cool completely. Once it has cooled, run an additional water-only drip cycle.

  8. Replace filters

    After the last drip cycle, drain the carafe, and replace coffee and water filters.