How Do You Clean Circulon Pans?

To clean stubborn food particles from Circulon pans, use a mild detergent, vinegar and water. Use a soft nylon bristle brush or sponge for scrubbing. Nonstick pans can be difficult to clean, so if the first attempt doesn't work, boil a mixture of vinegar and water in the pan.

  1. Begin with a mild detergent and a nylon bristle brush

    Wash the pan with a mild liquid detergent, such as Dawn. Use warm to hot water and a generous amount of soap to break down any grease. A nylon scrub brush gives leverage and makes stubborn spots easier to clean without scratching the nonstick surface.

  2. Heat vinegar and water in the pan for especially stubborn spots

    If any residue lingers, place 3 parts water and 1 part vinegar into the pan. Bring this mixture to a boil over medium-high heat for five to 10 minutes, and allow it to cool completely. Pour the vinegar and water down the drain.

  3. Rinse well and wash the pan a second time

    Rinse the pan in hot soapy water, and use the scrub brush to clean away any remaining food particles. If residue remains after scrubbing, repeat the vinegar/water cleaning step until the pan is clean.