How Do You Clean Ceramic Tile?


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To clean ceramic tile, vacuum it, mop it with water and dish soap, rinse the tile with clean water, scrub and rinse the grout, and dry the tile with towels. This 30-minute process requires a canister vacuum, two buckets, water, dish soap, a sponge mop, a toothbrush and towels.

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  1. Vacuum the tile

    Vacuum the tile with a canister vacuum, and discard the debris.

  2. Prepare the cleaning solution

    Fill two buckets with warm water, and add a squirt of dish soap to one of them. Remember which bucket contains the soap.

  3. Mop the tiles

    Dip the mop into the soapy water, wring it out, and rub it over the tiles. Dip the mop in the bucket of pure water, and rinse the tiles. Clean the tile surface in small sections, rinsing each before the soap dries. Empty and refill the buckets when the water gets dirty.

  4. Scrub the grout

    Dip an old, soft toothbrush into the soapy water, and scrub the grout with it. Concentrate on areas that are stained or discolored. Rinse the grout with water.

  5. Dry the tiles

    Dry the tiles with soft towels. Move them in light, circular motions. Buff the tile until it gleams and the grout is completely dry.

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