How Do You Clean a CD?


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Clean a compact disc by wiping it with a chamois or lint-free cleaning wipe. If the CD is still dirty, clean it with a solution of mild dish soap and lukewarm water.

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When cleaning a CD, it is imperative to avoid scratching it. Rinse the disc with lukewarm water to remove any grime before using the cloth to wipe it. Avoid wiping in circles, but begin near the spindle hole and wipe straight out toward the edges. Use a clean wipe or chamois to avoid scratching or damaging the CD.

Always hold a CD by the edge or the hole in the center, even when cleaning. If you use liquid dish soap to clean the CD, rinse it well to remove the soap. Allow the disc to air dry before inserting it into the player.

While it is possible to save a disc by cleaning it, you can also cause damage. Do not clean discs unless there is a problem. If several CDs skip in your player, the problem is usually with the player's lens. Use a lens cleaner to clean the lens, and try one of the problem CDs again. If only one disc skips, try cleaning it first.

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