How Do You Clean a Cast Iron Pan While Protecting Its Seasoning?


Scrub food particles from cast iron with warm water and a gentle soap, rinse with clean water, dry off and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil. Make sure to do this every time the pan is used to protect the seasoning on it.

Cast iron is an affordable, durable type of cookware that has many fans. To preserve each piece as long as possible use these steps for cleaning to protect the layer of seasoning.

  1. Wash the pan
  2. Avoid washing any cast iron in the dishwasher. It's too harsh on the seasoning. Instead, hand wash the pan with a scrub brush and a mild dish soap. Rinse the pan completely with clean water.

  3. Dry the pan
  4. Use a clean kitchen towel to dry the pan right after washing it. Do not delay as water sitting on the cast iron can encourage rusting. Paper towels are not usually a good option for drying. The paper can leave small bits and pieces behind on the rough cast iron surface.

  5. Oil the pan
  6. Rub a thin layer of vegetable oil all over the pan. Do this by hand or with a cloth towel. No need to use so much oil that it pools on the pan. Just use enough to give it a slight shine.