How Do You Clean a Cast Iron Grill?


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To clean a cast iron grill, scrub the grill with a wire brush, and wipe it with an apple cider vinegar solution. Wash the grill with a mild dish detergent, and then re-season it.

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  1. Wait for the grill to cool

    Allow the grill to cool after cooking to a warm yet manageable temperature.

  2. Scrape off excess food

    Use a wire brush to scrape off food materials.

  3. Mix the solution

    Mix a solution that is one part vinegar and four parts water.

  4. Spray the grill

    Transfer the solution to a spray bottle, and spray the grill.

  5. Wipe the grill

    Wipe the grill clean with paper towels. Repeat until no more food remains.

  6. Scrub the grill

    Scrub the grill with a mild detergent-soaked sponge.

  7. Rinse the grill

    Rinse the grill under warm water.

  8. Dry the grill

    Thoroughly dry the grill with a rag.

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