How Do You Clean a Cast-Iron Grate?


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To clean a cast iron grate, scrape the grate with a brush, wash it with mild soap, dry the grate, and then season it. Cleaning the grate while it’s still warm or as soon as possible after use makes the cleaning process more efficient.

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Prepare the grate for cleaning by using a wire brush to scrape away any food particles. Mix a solution of four parts of water with one part of apple cider vinegar, and then spray the grate with the solution. Wipe the grill off using paper towels. Repeat the process as necessary to remove the maximum amount of residue.

Using a sponge and mild soap, wash the grate, removing any excess grease. Use warm water to rinse the grate and remove any soap, and then dry the grate with a clean cloth. Be sure to dry the water from the grate completely to avoid rusting of the cast iron.

After drying, season the grate by rubbing it with a clean cloth or paper towel coated with olive or vegetable oil or shortening. Cover the entire grate with the oil, and then heat the grate to finish the seasoning process. Store the grate in a dry place until its next use.

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