How Do You Clean Cast Iron Burners?

Ammonia is a very strong compound that acts on the accumulated grease, oil and dirt. Placing the burner inside a container with ammonia helps in loosening the impurities off the cast iron, making it very easy to scrub away with a sponge.

  1. Gather your materials

    Ammonia has been used for decades in households to get rid of the grease and oil in cast iron gas burners. To subject the burner to adequate ammonia, either get a large enough air-tight plastic container or a sealable plastic bag. The size of the container should be at least twice as big as the burner so that the ammonia can act easily. Alongside, get half a cup of ammonia.

  2. Place the burner inside the container and pour ammonia

    Once the burner is placed inside the container or plastic bag, pour the measured ammonia inside and seal the apparatus. It isn't necessary for the liquid ammonia to stay in contact with all of the burner, the fumes inside the container should work fine.

  3. Leave overnight and scrub the next day

    Once the container is properly sealed, leave it overnight. The next day, use regular washing liquid along with a sponge to wipe all the grease and oil away with ease.