How Do You Clean Carpet With White Vinegar?

Clean carpets with white vinegar by mixing equal portions of vinegar and hot water, pouring the solution into the clean tank of a carpet cleaner and using the machine as normal. The vinegar solution dries scent-free; adding 10 to 15 drops of essential oil when mixing is optional. This method is a good choice for areas where children or pets might come in contact with the carpet before it dries.

Prior to using the carpet cleaning machine, move as much furniture from the room as possible. Push large pieces of furniture that are difficult to remove completely to one side and clean one half of the room. Once the rugs are dry, move the furniture to the other side to expose the dirty half of the carpet.

Use a good vacuum to remove as much dust and dirt from the carpet as possible. Begin cleaning the carpet in the room in the corner away from the door. Clean one section at a time, using straight, even strokes. Spray the cleaning solution on the carpet, and then use the machine to extract the solution and dirt from the fibers. For very dirty carpets, repeat the cleaning process in the opposite direction. Wait until the floor is dry before returning furniture.