How Do You Clean Carhartt Jackets?

clean-carhartt-jackets Credit: Moodboard/Cultura/Getty Images

Carhartt is a U.S.-based company that manufactures clothing for laborers and outdoor workers that sometimes come with special flame-resistant or waterproof treatments that need special care during cleaning. All versions can be dry-cleaned if dye fading is not an issue, but many pieces can also be machine-washed. Bulky garments benefit from the extra room provided by an industrial machine./

  1. Read the care label

    Read and follow the care label for each specific garment. If the care label is missing or illegible, follow the general instructions for cleaning Carhartt garments. All Carhartt clothing can be dry-cleaned. However, flame-resistant indigo-dyed denim clothing sometimes suffers from excess dye fading if dry-cleaned.

  2. Machine-wash the jacket

    Wash the Carhartt jacket in a regular washing machine at temperatures at or below 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Bulky insulated jackets retain their colors better if washed in a large-capacity commercial machine. Don't use fabric softeners, bleach, hydrogen peroxide or starch, some of which can harm the flame-resistant properties of the jacket. Special detergents are not necessary. Flame-resistant clothing does not need to be washed separately from other clothing. If an insect-repellent treatment is desired, wash a permethrin powder into the clothing.

  3. Tumble dry the jacket

    Dry on a low heat seating, and remove the jacket from the machine as soon as it is dry. Iron on low heat if required.