How Do You Clean a Burned Pot Naturally?

How Do You Clean a Burned Pot Naturally?

To clean burned pots naturally, use hot water, baking soda, white vinegar or salt. Place the pot in contact with the cleaning agent for several minutes or overnight, and remove the burn stains using a sponge or scrubber.

To use hot water for cleaning a burned pot, fill adequate quantity of hot water in the pot, and leave it so for about one hour. Then, boil the water in the pot for approximately 10 minutes. The burn stains should now easily wipe off with a sponge. If required, soak the pot in hot water overnight.

When using white vinegar, pour enough quantity in the pot, and leave it for half to one hour. Then, discard the vinegar, and scrub the pot using a scrubber.

If using baking soda, sprinkle soda on the burn stains in the pot, pour hot water over them, and leave overnight. The next day, remove the residue using a scrubber or a sponge. Alternatively, add around 2 tablespoons of baking soda to the pot, pour tap water into it, and bring the water to a boil. Then, turn off the heat, and allow the pot to soak in the hot water for around one hour. Discard the water, and sponge off the stains.

When using salt, preferably use the coarse variety. Sprinkle a generous quantity of the salt on the burn stains, and scrub vigorously with a sponge or scrubber.