How Do You Clean a Bubbler?

Cleaning a bubbler requires rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, hot water, pipe cleaners, salt and a Ziploc plastic bag. Most bubblers or pipes are made of glass or acrylic and offer a long winding neck with curved edges, making them difficult to clean.

As resin builds up in the nooks and crannies of the bubbler, it is imperative to clean it in order to maintain proper function, as well as the flavor of the tobacco. The steps below offer an easy and affordable way to clean the bubbler.

  1. Soak the bubbler in rubbing alcohol
  2. Fill a sandwich size Ziploc bag approximately half full of rubbing alcohol. Pour salt in the stem of the bubbler and then pour rubbing alcohol directly into the pipe. Place the bubbler in the bag and seal. Shake the bag with the pipe inside for 30 to 40 seconds. Let it soak overnight to remove the stuck on tobacco residue.
  3. Remove the bubbler
  4. After the bubbler has soaked overnight, remove it from the bag. Drain all of the liquid from the pipe.
  5. Detail the bubbler
  6. Use cotton swabs and pipe cleaners to remove any stuck on residue from the bubbler in hard to reach places. If the residue does not come off easily, add more alcohol and salt to the bubbler and shake while capping the bowl.
  7. Rinse and let dry
  8. Thoroughly rinse the bubbler to ensure no alcohol is left inside and set aside to completely dry.