How Do You Clean Brick Efflorescence?


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To clean brick efflorescence, gather the necessary tools including a hard bristled brush, garden hose, baking soda and muriatic acid. Thoroughly rinse the area of brick effected by the efflorescence with a hose. Use the hard bristled brush to scrub vigorously on areas where the efflorescence has set. Create the cleaning solution by mixing cold water with the muriatic acid and spray directly onto the brick surface. Scrub and rinse the bricks off.

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When mixing the cleaning solution, use a ten to one ratio of cold water to muriatic acid. Put this solution in a standard spray bottle and shake until the muriatic acid dissolves completely into the water. To avoid any skin irritation or damage, use protective goggles and gloves when dealing with the muriatic acid. Do not spray the cleaning solution on bricks where there is not efflorescence. Allow the cleaning solution several minutes to set in and lift the efflorescence off the brick surface.

With the hard bristled brush, scrub until all of the remaining efflorescence deposits are removed. Rinse the bricks off with the garden hose. The muriatic acid cleaning solution typically leaves an odor behind. To get rid of this smell, scrub the cleaned bricks thoroughly with baking soda using the hard bristled brush. Rinse the baking soda away and dry the bricks with a wet/dry vacuum or towels.

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