How Do You Clean Brazilian Cherry Wood Floors?

Brazilian cherry wood floors can be cleaned using a solution of water and window cleaner. Mix a solution using 10 percent window cleaner to water and submerge a rag in the solution to saturate it. Always be sure to thoroughly wring out the rag before using, as water is a leading cause of damage to wood flooring. Place the rag on the floor, and using a broom, push it along.

A Brazilian cherry wood floor can be cleaned in this way by going over the entire floor once or twice to remove all the dirt that has built up. The rag should be re-saturated in the solution and wrung out frequently to remove the dirt that is being picked up from the floor. This process should be completed monthly to prevent damage to the floor's surface. In between cleanings, use a vacuum regularly to remove dust and other debris from the floor.

Wet or sticky spills can be spot-cleaned in between regular cleanings using window cleaner and a wet towel. Avoid the use of any scouring pads or steel wool when cleaning the floor, and do not use bleach or mildew removers. Using felt pads under heavy furniture can help to prevent damage and scratches on the floor's surface.