How Do You Clean the Bottom of an Electric Iron?


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To clean the bottom of an electric iron, rub the soleplate with a cloth soaked with detergent solution and clean the steam holes. Finally, run the iron on steam cycle to unblock the steam vents.

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  1. Clean the soleplate

    Mix dishwashing detergent with water in a bowl. Unplug the iron, soak a rag with the cleaning solution, and rub the bottom of the iron with the rag to remove any built-up residue.

  2. Unclog the steam holes

    Rub the steam holes with a cotton swab soaked with detergent to remove debris from the steam holes. Rub until all the debris is gone.

  3. Unblock the steam vents

    Fill the iron with distilled water, set it on steam clean mode, plug it in, and run the iron's steam cycle to eliminate mineral deposits from the steam vents. Run until all the water is gone.

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