How Do You Clean a Book Bag?


Cleaning a book bag is a process that can take a variable amount of time, depending on the number and severity of stains on the bag. To clean your book bag, you need a washing machine, laundry detergent, water and a bottle of non-bleaching liquid stain remover of your choice.

  1. Apply the stain remover to visible stains

    Examine your backpack for visible stains. Use a bottle of non-bleaching stain remover to treat these early. If the entire backpack is messy, soak the bag in the cleaner for approximately 2 hours.

  2. Put the backpack through a gentle wash cycle

    Adjust your washing machine settings to a cold gentle wash cycle. Pour your liquid detergent into the machine, and add the backpack. Turn the washing machine on, and allow it to complete the entire cycle normally.

  3. Air dry the backpack

    Hang the backpack somewhere outside where it is exposed to a lot of sun, or in a dry area inside of your home. Because many types of heated drying machines can do damage to the fabric of a backpack, it is important to allow the fabric to dry slowly at a lower temperature. Drying the backpack outside also helps to deodorize it.