How Do You Clean Your Blinds?

To clean plastic, wood or aluminum blinds, use a vacuum to remove loose dust and a damp rag with multipurpose cleaner to thoroughly clean blinds. For fabric blinds, vacuum or use a rubber sponge to remove dust and dirt, then clean with a fabric-safe cleaner on a damp rag.

Using the soft brush attachment on the vacuum, work left to right for vertical blinds and top to bottom on horizontal blinds, to thoroughly remove all of the dust and grime from the surface of the blinds.

For wood, aluminum or plastic blinds, mix a few drops of a mild dish detergent or other multipurpose cleaner into a bucket of warm water. Turn each slat of the blind up so that it is facing you as you wash the surface. Next, flip the slat of the blind the other way to wash the other side. Some people prefer to remove the blinds completely and submerge them into a bathtub full of warm water and cleaner.

It is not usually necessary to clean every slat of fabric blinds after vacuuming. For fabric blinds, spot-clean surfaces with a fabric-safe cleaner. Do not saturate the fabric, and rinse and blot dry to avoid mildew.